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XR Foundation + XR EAN Description

Course Intent (XR Foundation)

SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides divers with a workshop environment to improve their skills to a high level using Extended Range Total Diving Systems and procedures.

Course Intent (XREAN)

Extended Range Nitrox Diving certification entitles the holder to dive with an equally- or more-qualifed buddy, on dives using the equipment configuration used during training and extended range procedures to depths of up to 40 meters, and requiring staged decompression stops of no longer than 15 minutes based on a back gas profile.

Passing Criteria

At the Extended Range level:
• Demonstrate the ability to maintain trim at +/- 15 degrees throughout the entire program.
• Demonstrate the ability to perform all skills perfectly with almost no shift in buoyancy or trim.
• Demonstrate advanced awareness of buoyancy, trim, stability, propulsion, and teamwork.


- 16 Years old

- Deep Diving

- Enriced Air Nitrox (40%)

- 24 logged dives

Sea Turtle

Package Inclusive

- SSI certification when completed passing criteria

- Full technical gear twinset rental equipment (twinset + deco), and backup

- Professional Fee

- Boat accident insurance

- Decompression stage cylinder, gas, and regulator

Extended Range Foundation + Extended Range Nitrox

- Theory Session and Examination (8 hours)

- 1 days pool training (6-8 hours)

- 2 days (6 dives) boat diving (Pattaya or Samesarn Area) with lunch

Package Exclusive

- Student's travel expenses and accommodation

- Basic equipment (Lights, DSMBs, Reels, Fins, Masks, Wetsuits)

- Additional training days as needed (pool and/or boat)*

- Voluntary SCUBA diving insurance [get diving insurance]

- Required pre-requisite courses (contact us for more detail)

*Students may be required additional training days to refine their skills to meet passing criteria

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