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Training Level:

Professional Level

SSI Specialty Instructor




We can help you apply for Co-teaching, or verficiation method for specialty instuctor as per guidelined in SSI training standards. Specialty Instructor Rating offers as listed below.

  • Recreational Sidemount

  • Extended Range Sidemount

  • Enriched Air Nitrox (Level 2)

  • Search and Recovery

  • Science of Diving

  • Equipment Specialist

  • Advanced Wreck Diving

  • Independent Diving

  • Deep Diving

  • Navigation

  • Perfect Buoyancy

  • Search and Recovery

  • Scooter/DPV Diving

  • Full Face Mask Diving (Ocean Reef, OTS, and other generic brand)

  • React Right

  • Diver Stress and Rescue

  • Ecology Specialist Courses

    • Sea Turtle Ecology

    • Shark Ecology

    • Marine Mammal Ecology

    • Manta and Ray Ecology

    • Coral Identification

    • Fish Identification

    • Marine Ecology

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