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The Tecline Donut 10 wing is a classic design for single tank divers who believe, "If it ain’t broke, don’t fix" Tecline has kept the design, made it more durable and added some innovations to boot!
The Donut 10’s oval shape is a tried and tested design that allows for easy operation in any position with free unobstructed flow of air between the sides, top and bottom, when shifting the air around the bc for compensation.
It boasts a lift capacity of 10kgs / 22lbs to provide positive buoyancy on surface. Built with special Heavy Duty Nylon 1000D, the soft outer shell is extremely durable and resistant to snags & tears. Marine grade YKK zip reveals an interior bladder made of Nylon 840 with high resistance to aging and cracking. This life capacity is suited for warm water divers who have small build, diving with single tank. Lower lift will result in a lighter systems and more streamlined underwater. So if you use XXS-S of any other style BCDs, Donut 10 will perfectly meet your requirement.
A reinforced inflator elbow loop with wide webbing strip is strategically placed to the left of the wing so as not to interfereith the cylinder's valve. An OPV dump valve is situated at an easy-to-locate position, convenient for the release of gas when diver is horizontal or upside down.
The Donut 10 wing also comes with an innovative integrated single tank stabiliser, which helps to align the BC on the cylinder without requiring a full-sized single tank adapter (STA). This single tank stabiliser is also easily removable, to accommodate an STA at any time.
Grommet holes on the exterior allows for easy drainage of water, when packing up after a dive. The wing comes with a 55cm / 22-inch Proflex braided inflator hose and a 40cm corrugated hose.
The wing comes with:
1 x Tecline Donut 10 Wing
1 x Proflex 55cm / 22-inch Braided Low Pressure Inflator Hose, Black
Tecline's wings are fully compatible with backplates from other manufacturers that have mounting holes 28cm / 11-inch apart (center to center of grommet hole) on the backplate, when mounting with a single tank adapter (STA). They can also be used without an STA, by threading a tank cam-band though the slots on both the wing and backplate.

TECLINE Donut 10

SKU: T11002
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