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The Donut 22 Special Edition wing is made for hardcore twinset technical divers who dive stage/deco bottles. Tecline listened to the wants of experienced divers and improved on the design of a classic.
The circular donut shape is a tried and tested design that allows for easy operation in any position because of the free and obstructed movement of gas. It boasts a lift capacity of 22kg / 50lbs providing ample positive buoyancy on surface, even when used with additional cylinders.
The Donut 22 SE has a narrow top channel which gives free access to valves and prevents stress on regulator hoses, extending their life. A special tapering is sewn on the outline of the wing, shaping it to hug the cylinders and an increase lift capacity without increasing its profile. The wide bottom of the wing takes advantage of the additional capacity to provide a higher on the surface, ensuring comfort and safety even while in choppy waters. It also helps to lift the hips of the diver while in a horizontal trim position, making it easier to maintain that position without much effort.
Built with special Heavy Duty 1000-denier Ballistic Nylon, the outer shell is extremely durable and resistant to snags and tears. The marine grade YKK zip reveals an interior bladder made of Nylon 840, which has a high resistance to aging, punctures and cracking.
A centrally located 40cm corrugated inflator hose is placed exactly between the cylinders, allowing release of gas from the corrugated hose without having to strongly tilt either side, and also does not get in the way of the cylinder valves. The OPV dump valve is situated at an optimal position for the release of gas when diver is horizontal or even upside down. 2 pairs of mounting holes on the wing allows for higher or lower placement against the backplate to suit your preference and tank neck valves.

TECLINE Donut 22 Special Edition

SKU: T11021
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