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TECLINE Regulator:
Dive into Exceptional Quality

TECLINE regulators are the ultimate in safety and performance. Our products are designed with strict adherence to the highest quality requirement standards, including EN250A and CE certification. These are the regulators that all serious divers need; whether on a recreational dive or pushing the limits of technical diving. Trust TECLINE for all your regulator needs and dive with confidence.

V Series

Smooth breathing in all conditions

Perfectly streamlined configuration

Head-up & better position in the water

R2 Series

The most versatile among all Tecline regulators. Suitable for single and double tanks, stages or sidemount configuration.

Extraordinary breathing parameters

R4 Series

Small, compact regulator - ideal for cold water diving

Perfect for decompression stage tanks or single tank configurations

R5 Series

Scuba regulators in the classic design, fully polyvalent construction and the best quality, confirmed by dive industry authorities.

R1 Series

Light and simple construction

Appreciated by travellers and busy dive centers

Ideal regulator for warm water diving (10°C+)


TECLINE's flagship second stage

best performance for most demanding dives


Small, Compact, yet robust TEC1 is stay true to it's classic design and reliability



Simplicity and Reliability makes this a warm water divers' top choice

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