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🤿 From diver to diver

SCUBA diving has its terminologies and contexts, which are things that non-diver translators cannot deliver. Let us contribute to SCUBA knowledge for the Thai people.

🤔 Why us?

  • We are actively training new scuba divers in Thai, French, and English.

  • We are familiar with diver manuals from different dive agencies (PADI, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, SDI/TDI, etc.)

  • Our team comprises of technical divers and technicians, which gives a higher level of understanding of every aspect of scuba diving.

  • We are very familiar with specific scuba contexts, and terminologies.

📑 What can we do?

  • Translate course materials, presentations, cue cards, etc.

  • Websites

  • Equipment user manuals

  • Equipment service manuals

  • Print Advertising, Online Advertising

  • Advertorial, Proof Reading

  • Product Reviews

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